P&I Insurance:

P&I insurance is the 3rd party legal liability coverage for shipowners, operators and charterers.

Cover is being provided mainly in the following sections subject to exclusions and special conditions:

crew claims

stowaway claims


wreck removal

cargo claims

pollution and mitigation expenses


We deliver comprehensive coverage and service to our clients with our experience and strong relationships with wide range of P&I underwriters around the world.

Hull and Machinery Insurance:

Hull & Machinery (H&M) insurance covers damage to the vessel’s structure, machinery and equipment subject to terms and conditions of the policy. Our professional team and expertise in claims has brought substantial results for a variety of H&M claims.

Loss of Hire:

Loss of Hire Insurance is a loss of earnings insurance, which comes into place when a vessel has sustained damage which is covered under the relevant Hull and Machinery (H&M) policy and assured is agreed daily compensation that equals to the actual average income of the Shipowner.

War Risks Insurance:

War risk insurance provides financial protection to the policyholder against losses arises from war, invasion, insurrection, rebellion and hijacking.

Piracy, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance:

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance covers risks arising from piracy, which are not covered under P&I cover, (or only covered on a discretionary basis) or by usual Hull and War risk insurance policies. The kidnap and ransom cover may include ransom payments and expenses associated with arranging for a vessel and its crew to be released as well as loss of use of the vessel and personal accident cover.

Ports and Terminals:

Risk evaluation of ports and terminals show that each entity has identical requirements. We work with our clients closely to understand the range of risks that they may face and arrange tailored cover.

Marine Constructors Insurance:

We provide tailored insurance plans specially designed for marine construction business and responsive to the client’s insurance needs.

Cargo in Transit Insurance:

Cargo in transit policy is a complex and modular insurance that covers transport risks of the goods to protect buyer and / or seller who may face with financial loss if the goods are lost, damaged or destroyed during transit. We work with wide range of insurers from different markets to provide the most suitable cover for our clients.