About Us

Kuzey Brokers founded in 2006 is the largest privately owned and independent insurance & reinsurance broking house in Turkey. We are mainly working directly with over 30 insurance & reinsurance companies and underwriters/syndicates at various international markets whilst also having direct contacts with all Turkish insurance companies.

Our core team comprises of various insurance experts with varied qualification sets having backgrounds in marine engineering, mechanical engineering, surveying, ship owning, chartering, marine architecture, navigation, aviation, international trade and law practice.

We have been (as of 2018) insuring more than USD 1billion asset value, yet it’s counting, with 98 % of clients’ retention thanks to our professional approach with claims handling for our clients which makes us unique.

We produce and place majority of premium at international markets mainly in London. Our client portfolio is 80 % Turkish and 20 % International.